Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Help, I Can't Concentrate!

I've been greatly distracted of late. Wanting to blog but not being able to concentrate, something has been messing with my head (including that phrase). The 'something' has got to do with a rape case. Not just a rape, but gang rape. And not just gang rape, but gang rape that went viral!  

Five guys allegedly from Abia State University (ABSU), Nigeria, decided they'd play god and punish the 'sins' of a helpless young girl. The information I got is that the victim had 'insulted' one of the boys, and the latter decided to join forces with four other evil boys, to rape the girl. And they did. After forcing their way with her, they decided it was a good watch, and sent the recorded video to their friends. And it went viral, of course!

My take on that incidence, and that surrounding it, is a post for another day. I'm just not up to speaking or writing about it just yet. In the meantime, I try hard to concentrate on what I've got to do.

Later people,

Be good.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Welcome Back, CISA, and other Stories.

Wow! It’s been ages since I’ve been here. Time sure runs fast, whether you’re having fun or not. I took a long break to study for my CISA exams and since then, I’ve been MIA, forgive me.

So much has happened since, so much. I wrote my exams in June, after deciding I wasn’t going to postpone it anymore (well I did try, but didn’t make the deadline for deferment). So I had a crash study and took the exam. Alas, I will be doing it again. Results are out, and annoyingly, I was 53 marks short. Had 397, 53 marks away from the 450 pass mark. So another 70k+ for exams, not good at all.

Then there’s been the spate of violence, disasters, and tragedies all over the world. Nations warring against nations, people against nations, landslides, hurricanes, floods, boat mishaps, plane crashes; disasters. Of close perimeter to me is the incessant bombings and killings associated with the Boko Haram sect, here in Nigeria.

Truth is, the end times are nigh, and it’s going to continue this way, sadly. But we have to look past the issues, and try, even in the midst of great confusion and depression, to make great lives for ourselves.

So, today, I am posting 16 Golden rules to a great life. Read, and practice them, and they’ll stick like peas in a pod. It’s not so difficult afterall.

16 Steps to a Great Life
1.   Follow up with people promptly. No matter your field or business line, following up is really essential. And keep at it. Never see a ‘no’ as outright rejection. Rather, go back to the drawing board and re-strategize. Find out what you can improve on, any way to repackage, and return; better prepared.
2.   Take out time to respond to contacts, be it a missed call, text message, email, or DM.
3.   Practice active listening. Many people are poor listeners; do not fall into this category. Really listen, don’t wait impatiently for a pause or break in the other person’s speech, so you can jump in with your own. Practice listening with everyone you have a conversation with. Few people are good listeners so when you really listen, you leave a mark. Look people in the eye when they talk to you, but don’t let it become an intimidating stare. And never be distracted by your cellphone, or chat when you’re listening or talking to someone. “To be interesting to other people, you have to be interested in them first” Dale Carnegie.
4.   Improve your communication skills. Take a speech/public speaking class. Practice clear and effective speech every time.
5.   When you don’t make a sale, win a contract, get a deal; do not close the door on that relationship. Acknowledge them for actually giving you the time to make your presentation. Think long term, save a relationship for the future.
6.   Do you belong to any network, group, or club? Be active. Get involved. devote your time, energy, and contribution. It’s a win-win situation. People will acknowledge you, and you will learn to become a leader, an active member of a body.
7.   Invest at least one hour a day to your own individual personal and professional development. Read a book, listen to audio from experts in your field, or the areas of your life you want to improve on. Never stop learning!
8.   Refrain from giving false promises. Never promise what you cannot deliver. It is better to deliver more than you have promised, than to promise more than you can deliver.
9.   Be willing to help people.  Always be on the lookout for ways you can help others. There is great joy and fulfilment when you do something for someone with no personal gain.
10. Build your self-esteem; learn a new skill, be up to date in your field.
11. Memorize people’s names. When having a conversation with someone you’ve just met, say his/her name at least three times during the conversation. Relate the name to something you can easily remember, write down the name if you can.
12. Remember birthdays, anniversaries, new births; and send a card, gift, message, or call. It’s a nice gesture to send a note of appreciation when someone does something for you. It’ll make them feel special.
13.Be happy. Always wear a smile :-). Smile with your eyes and mouth. Laugh. Laugh with those around you. Do not mock people. Be cheerful always. Greet people cheerfully.
14. Accept people regardless of their flaws. Don’t find fault or criticize negatively.
15. Commend people. Praise them for positive actions. Give sincere compliments about character, accomplishment, possession.
16.Say no! Learn to identify the things you just cannot do and learn to say no, politely, without offending the person asking.

That’s it people, my 16 Golden Steps to a great life.
Go have a great week, and be the best!!
Be good…xx

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The World is Going to End!! May 21st?

Is the world really going to end tomorrow, May 21st?
If yes, who's going to end it?
How will it end?
Whats going to happen to us all after 'the end'?

A lot of messages, tweets, articles, and comments have been circulating concerning May 21st and the end of the world.

But is the world really going to end tomorrow?
You want to know?
.....I Do Not Know! But I do not think so.

One thing I know, though, the day of the Lord- which stands for the end of the world, is going to come like a thief in the night (1 Peter 3:10, the Bible). Last time I checked, the thief does not announce his coming, never does give you any warning beforehand. Howbeit a thief that operates after dark? He definitely wants to nab you unawares! So will the day of the Lord- the end of the world.

A great percentage of the world's human population are already expecting the world to end tomorrow. Thief in the Night? I do not think so.

But knowing that God is so merciful, and loving, and that His intention is not for us to be destroyed; He just might end the world tomorrow, since so many people are going to be prepared for it, and will make heaven if it really does end tomorrow.

So who knows? Just maybe it will.

But what if the world ends tomorrow?
Are you scared?
Experiencing any form of anxiety?
Are you preparing to pray to God before the beginning of saturday in your region, so you'll make heaven?
Or have you done that already?
If you answer yes to at least one of these questions, then somehow, somewhere in the recesses of your mind, you believe in Heaven and hell; salvation and judgement! So, what are you waiting for?

Really, it would be better for some of us if the world ends tomorrow, as we would be prepared. But what if it really catches us unawares? Not May 21st, but some random date we do not have the foggiest idea of?

I do not know when the world is going to end, but whenever it is, I have no desire to be left behind and on the other side! I do not want to be feasting on caviars and smoking cigars with the devil in hell. I'd rather be waiting tables in heaven than making orders in hell! Yeah.. Cos Heaven exists, and hell sure exists too, and the end of the world is certainly going to come someday.

And if the world does not end tomorrow, please visit my blog again, to tell me your funny experiences- the thunder that got you jumping, the unanswered calls that got your heart beating, or your twitter timeline that refused to refresh and got you fretting. I really would love to hear all your scary, funny gists.

I'm signing out with a tweet I read from @aloted : whether the world is ending tomorrow or not- the question remains- will you be ready when the lord shall come?

Peace people.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Future Is Here!!

So, the NASS elections did not hold as planned on April 2nd. Inadequate election materials made the postponement inevitable. And though a lot of spirits were dampened, many Nigerians became discouraged and demotivated; many eventually got over it and got their resolves back.

Saturday, April 9, the elections eventually took place and the enthusiastic, as well as some not so enthusiastic Nigerians made it to the polling units to cast their votes. The results of that days elections is another topic entirely, but I’ll just say “change is in the air!”. I can smell it, I can feel it, I can almost touch it!! And it feels good.

Once again this Saturday, we wear our determination on our feet, and move again, to join the poll queues to vote in the candidate who will have the ‘official’ responsibility of reorganizing our country. We cannot afford to make a wrong choice.Tthe future of Nigeria depends on the choices we make on that day, we cannot afford to make the wrong one. It begins with us and we owe it to ourselves, to our children, and to the future generation.

This time, we will strive to make it work. We will go, we will vote, and we will protect our votes. After casting our votes, we will wait till all the votes are counted, and we will record the results. Need I say the camera phones will be the most utilized accessories on Saturday?

And yes, we will; because we can, because we must, and together we will – Fela Durotoye.

I leave you with an inspiring music video from one of Nigeria’s great talents, TY Bello.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Yes We Will!

So is it mere coincidence that my first blog post falls on April fool’s day? Yes it is.

It’s the 1st day of the 2nd quarter of 2011, and I finally did what I should have done six years ago: I started writing a blog.  And even though right now I’m a little uncertain about the way this blog will go; I’m confident in the fact that when we’re all settled in, it will be a very exciting read, and you will love to come around again and again till you are best friends for life (with my blog, and with me; if you do not mind).

Eight am tomorrow, the Nigerian 2011 general elections will kick-off amidst a lot of uncertainties, but in all, one thing is certain- it isn’t the usual ball game. Youth participation and technology has collided on this one, and it’s my guess that it will be harder for a camel to go through the proverbial needle’s eye than for any politician/political party to rig this election. But knowing the election antecedents, my guess could very well turn out wrong.

I am glad though, at the level of youth participation; It is encouraging. We have now chosen not to continue to stand by and watch (sidon look) but to actually be a part of a transformation, a part of the process. Enough is enough, the future is in our hands. Its time to make a change, and right now, it begins with us.

Nigeria is a great country with great people; it would be such a shame for her not to achieve her potential. We have got what it takes, we will make it work!  Yes we will!!