Saturday, 2 April 2011

Yes We Will!

So is it mere coincidence that my first blog post falls on April fool’s day? Yes it is.

It’s the 1st day of the 2nd quarter of 2011, and I finally did what I should have done six years ago: I started writing a blog.  And even though right now I’m a little uncertain about the way this blog will go; I’m confident in the fact that when we’re all settled in, it will be a very exciting read, and you will love to come around again and again till you are best friends for life (with my blog, and with me; if you do not mind).

Eight am tomorrow, the Nigerian 2011 general elections will kick-off amidst a lot of uncertainties, but in all, one thing is certain- it isn’t the usual ball game. Youth participation and technology has collided on this one, and it’s my guess that it will be harder for a camel to go through the proverbial needle’s eye than for any politician/political party to rig this election. But knowing the election antecedents, my guess could very well turn out wrong.

I am glad though, at the level of youth participation; It is encouraging. We have now chosen not to continue to stand by and watch (sidon look) but to actually be a part of a transformation, a part of the process. Enough is enough, the future is in our hands. Its time to make a change, and right now, it begins with us.

Nigeria is a great country with great people; it would be such a shame for her not to achieve her potential. We have got what it takes, we will make it work!  Yes we will!!