Saturday, 5 May 2012

I'm Back!

Yes, and it's safe to say so. It's been a long time, way too long, away from here. I've been everywhere, but here. Forgive me for forsaking this page, okay? Thank you :). In the time that I've been away, so much has happened to me, and to the world. Yes, and so much has happened to my country, Nigeria.

Let me start with Nigeria; There was the fuel subsidy removal, which caused an uproar of unprecedented proportions. It birthed mass protests, the largest of any kind ever held here. People were passionate! It was a time to remember forever, for the first time in our history, people took to the streets in multitudes, and refused to be deterred by uniform wearing, and gun wielding officers. And yes, our voices were heard, and our protests yielded some dividends.

That was the good. Then there has been the bad- the incessant bombings from the self-acclaimed Boko Haram sect. For the first time in our history, as well, we have suddenly become a 'terrorist state'. Did I get that right? We are being bombarded on a weekly basis, with bombs, from this sect. Lives have been and are being lost on a weekly basis, and our government seems incapable of finding a solution to this problem. The Northern parts of the country have become a playground for bomb tossing individuals, it's crazy. People living in fright, going to work not certain they're going to be back. I just want to rest this topic for another post.

Well, there has been a whole lot more but I really want to talk about it all some other time, maybe, if ever. But one thing I'm going to say now, is I've missed this place, and I've missed you guys- Yeah ;)

On the missing note, I'll be here again, sooner than you think. I need to go get some medication for this feverish condition.

Peace people.