Monday, 14 May 2012

Best Friends Forever?

It was my ex's birthday today. I will give her a call, I promised myself. Hey, hold up! Get your mind out of the drain! I'm talking about my ex-bestie, not ex-boyfriend, and ex is an ex, isn't it? lol. I don't want no 14 years ( if you didn't get the joke, you'll probably get it next year :p)

Anyhow, I made the call, after getting her phone number off Facebook, and I waited for the tone. I said all the happy birthday things, prayers and all, and she was like aww, thanks and all throughout the conversation. Call duration is about 1 minute and as I proceed to end the call, she says "errmmm... sorry but I don't know who I'm speaking with" Wooohaa! She didn't know it was me?! What the heck? She couldn't pick out my voice?! Unbelievable, we used to be besties, you know BFF without the last F, and....... well, I hung up!  I later send a text message with my name in it. She calls back all apologetic and all, but I just waved it aside, no big deal I say. Yeah right, it was a big fat DEAL! It really was.

We spoke some, and all through the conversation, I just wondered, can we ever be friends again? I don't think so. But, time will tell.